The Mount Felix Tapestry

1. No.2 New Zealand General Hospital - Walton on Thames (1915-1920)
1. No.2 New Zealand General Hospital – Walton on Thames (1915-1920)

Thank you for visiting our tapestry website. You can use it to find out about the project itself, and the intriguing stories behind one of the lost hospitals of WWI.

A community stitch project

This beautiful community tapestry tells the story of the ANZAC hospital at Mount Felix in Walton on Thames. It is a tribute to the ANZAC soldiers, nurses, doctors and  people of Walton 100 years ago from the community of Walton today.

The project launched in April 2015 and was completed in April 2017. Over the 2 years a small army of stitchers around Elmbridge, and some in  New Zealand, worked in teams and alone to create the 44 panels of the tapestry. The detailed story behind each panel is provided together with comments from the stitchers themselves.

Mount Felix Hospital

In the 4 years it was open during WWI, over 27,000 wounded New Zealand soldiers were cared for at Mount Felix – and welcomed into the heart of Walton on Thames.

Using real life stories and archive material our website describes the background to the hospital, the Gallipoli campaign where so many of the soldiers were injured, and contributions of a wide range of individuals to this little known piece of local history.