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1. No.2 New Zealand General Hospital - Walton on Thames (1915-1920)
1. No.2 New Zealand General Hospital – Walton on Thames (1915-1920)

This beautiful community tapestry tells the story the ANZAC hospital at Mount Felix in Walton on Thames. 27 thousand New Zealand wounded soldiers were welcomed into the heart of Walton on Thames and treated at this hospital during WWI and Andrew Crummy’s design depicts some of the most powerful true life stories surrounding the hospital in 44 panels. Enter the website to discover some of these inspiring stories.

Between the official launch in April 2015 and the grand opening of the completed Tapestry in April 2017, a small army of stitchers around Elmbridge and even a few in New Zealand worked in teams, and sometimes on their own, to create the Mount Felix Tapestry.

The result is a tribute from the community of Walton today to the soldiers and the people of Walton 100 years ago.

Come in and learn about a little known piece of history, and the community project itself.

[The temporary tapestry exhibition in the Heart has now closed. We would like to thank Mark Middleton and the team at the Heart for donating the space.]